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SLDSL Pasgt Helmet
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SLDSL Pasgt Helmet

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The PASGT helmet (Personal Armour System Ground Troops) was developed by U.S. Army. SLDSL PASGT Helmet is developed on the standard US Military PASGT Helmet pattern with Unique Protection Properties. The shell is constructed using superior Aramid/Kevlar composites layered and bonded with impregnated resin for exceptional fragmentation and Ballistic protection.

PASGT Helmet is most suitable, comfortable and with adequate fitting and harness suspension is specified by armies worldwide. They offer protection of up to NIJ Level IIIA and a ballistic resistance of a V50 of over 680 m/sec (against a 17 grain fragment.)

The SLDSL PASGT Helmet is lightweight and provides front, back and ear protection, Comfort and insulation for all situations and weather conditions.

The SLDSL-TAC Helmet is a unique low profile, lightweight and improved PASGT helmet developed to meet the demands of Special Forces units. The SLDSL-TAC Helmet is a compact, high performance product. Manufactured from the latest armor systems, plus the new bolt-free harness fixing system, the PAS-TAC helmet is perfectly balanced and provides greater wearer comfort over long periods.

The 7% saving in weight without any loss of ballistic performance, plus compatibility with all existing PASGT equipment, has made the PAS-TAC the preferred choice of Special Force units internationally.

Design Features

    • US Military PASGT Shape and Style.

    • Ballistic Shell made of Aramid/Kevlar composite.

    • Full Frontal protection.







240 mm

251 mm

262 mm

276 mm


215 mm

219 mm

226 mm

239 mm


162 mm

164 mm

169 mm

177 mm


510.54 mm

540.58 mm

580.62 mm

620.66 mm


1055 sq. cm

1130 sq. cm

1255 sq. cm

1370 sq. cm

COLOURS: Olive Green, Olive Drab, Navy Blue, U.N. Blue, Black & Camouflage Pattern.

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