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Shrilakshmi Defence Solutions Ltd.

Armoured Vehicles

SHRI LAKSHMI DEFENCE SOLUTIONS LTD. (SLDSL) Armored Vehicles ranges from Small, Medium & Large platforms base, which are rugged, powerful and reliable vehicles with high protection features against MINES and AMMUNITIONS.

High mobility and adaptability for various missions are the basic design concepts of SLDSL.

All vehicles are built using tested and proven mechanical components from reputed OEM; This certifies SLDSL ARMORED VEHICLE mechanical reliability and performance.

All SLDSL armored vehicles are built with optimized body angles to provide monologue hull structure so as to give built in survivability, this together with low silhouette mobility in all types of terrain result in excellent level of survivability, run flat tyres, provided as standard features, allows the vehicle to continue its mission with deflated tyres.

SLDSL armored vehicle with HULL design provides all around protection against infantry rifles, machine guns and artillery shell fragments, the DOUBLE WALL-HULL design provides a very HIGH RANGE of protection against heavy anti tank mines under the belly and against side explosions with fragmentations.


  • With its hollow cavity walls filled with blast protective materials, the side armor provides excellent protection against side blast & IEDS. In addition to its frontal armor, the firewall is a second armored wall that further protects the driver and front passenger from a frontal attack.

  • WITH DOUBLE WALL HULL DESIGN provides a very HIGH RANGE of protection against A/P/ and A/T type mines and side explosives.

  • Wide and fully opening side and rear doors allow easy and quick boarding/exist of crew when required.

  • Large and piece wind screen provide good visibility under ballistic protection, as visibility is a key factory during cross country or urban driving, window screen are so design for quick replacement.

  • Run flat tyres with tyre pressure adjustable on the move.

  • Various types of weapon mounting systems with 360 degree rotating turrets and a frontal gun port on windscreen for grenade launcher.

Common platform concepts help training of drivers and maintenance personnel and optimize logistic support planning.


Light Armour Mobile Vehicle

Light Armour Mobile Vehicle

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