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Shrilakshmi Defence Solutions Ltd.

Vehicle ArmouringVisors

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  • Shri Lakshmi Defence developed the new Attacking vehicle VIPER, with traditional SUV configuration of four side doors and a single rear luggage door, with its rotating turret and cross-country.

  • A pick up VAN STYLE for additional and heavy payload the VIPER carries a total crew complement of SIX plus four and is armoured to exceed the European B7 armour.

  • The Viper can take on attacks while moving as the rear portion is converted to a BULLET PROOF MORCHA while moving and providing complete protection to rear crew members and equipments.

  • In addition to this all 4 doors have -removable inner lower armour steel panels which can be removed immediately and can be used as Ballistic shields in emergency thus giving a complete command for (tie commandos to move closer to the target where vehicle cannot reach.

  • The interiors walls are lined with ballistic blankets which can be used as bomb blankets while any emergency repairs or providing cover to VVIPS.

  • The SEATS are fitted with blast resistant panels which can be also used as additional panels or replacement panels for BODY ARMOURS

  • The vehicle ideal for cross country and swift operations with complete team of six fully loaded commandos.

  • The VIPER can be used as an excellent PATROL &vehicles for VV1PS while travelling in long routes.


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